YouTube update brings tweaked algorithm to suggest ‘quality’

Listening to the parents’ complaints about YouTube recommending inappropriate videos in YouTube app, Google has finally rolled out a new update for the app last month, aimed to present more quality and family-friendly content and to appease Federal Trade Commission, according to a Bloomberg report.

YouTube has confirmed this stating, “We make hundreds of changes every year to make it easier for people to find what they want to watch on YouTube,” Ivy Choi, a company spokeswoman, said in a statement. “We recently made one such change that improves the ability for users to find quality family content.”

YouTube has revamped the apps video recommendation algorithm resulting in relatively better video suggestions to the users. This dumped lots of contents from several channels, while several contents suddenly started seeing a boost in views. This has alarmed lots of content producers in terms of survival.

YouTube app has been through several controversies and scandals related to kids-friendly contents over the last couple of years and this is not the first time, Google is attempting to address such issues. Back in 2017, YouTube made two notable changes, first, removed several channels for posting sexual and violent content. Second, it turned off the comments section for videos featuring children to prevent unnecessary sexual content. YouTube has always said that their Youtube app is not suitable for kids under 13 and they recommend using the YouTube Kids app instead.

As per Bloomberg’s report, YouTube has settled the allegation for violating that prevents collecting personal data from kids accounts and show them customized ads based on their preferences.However, it is yet to be seen, how the new algorithm helps Google achieve more family-friendly content as the company has not defined what they are calling ‘quality’ content.

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