About Us

Magazinily is a WordPress blog that was founded by Fahad Jaswal. He planned this blog particularly for people who like to stay updated with daily life issues and their solutions. With a planning to publish a magazine of his site, this site was named as “Magazinily”.



This website has a number of good bloggers who are highly qualified and they update this blog on daily basis as per the situation and day by day issues. This blog also helps its viewers to find out about numerous different things like excitement, wellbeing and magnificence, adoration and relationship, innovation and so forth. The site permits its viewers to pick the category of their interest from the top bar and get into the bulk of related articles.

The categories include:

  • DIY – Latest DIY Ideas
  • Entertainment – You Daily Dose of Entertainment
  • Health And Beauty – Latest Information, Tips and Tricks about Health & Beauty
    • Fashion – Latest Fashion Trends and Implementation Guide
    • Foods & Drinks – Information about Best Foods and Best Drinks for your good health and fitness
  • Love And Relationship – Love and Relationship Guide to make your life Happy
  • Technology – Updates about latest invention and renovetions in the field of technology
    • Blogging Tips – Latest blogging tips and trends, that will help you to be a better or problogger
    • How To – You can find series of how to tutorials in this section
    • Make Money Online –  Information and Guide to Make Money Online
    • Reviews – Latest Smartphones and Gadgets Reviews
    • SEO – Complete and Step by Step SEO Implementation Guide
  • Jobs – Latest Jobs Listings and How to Apply Guide
  • Travelling – Complete Information about Attractive Tourists Destinations in the World

DIY – Do It Yourself

This category is really very helpful as it has brought with it the piece of writings that can help individuals to fix anything by just staying at home. Many “do it yourself” tips and tricks are shared with the visitors in this category.


Health and Beauty online journal are extraordinarily intended for the people who are touchy about their wellbeing and magnificence. This web journal helps its viewers to utilize nourishment which impacts magnificence.


The entertainment blog comprises of numerous fields that are meant for amusement. This blog contains different amusement news and current undertakings, including new propelled and forthcoming music, motion pictures and so on. This online journal equally overhauls Bollywood media and showbiz issues.


Everybody realize that Love and relationship is a critical key for individuals. Each man or lady need to secure their future with the connection whom they believe is better for them. So this blog helps its visitors to support their affection life and secure their associations with their closed ones.


We live in a time of innovation and present day creations. So the vast majority of the general population want to stay upgraded about the innovation undertakings. Innovation assumes a critical part in our general public, as utilization of cell telephones, PC frameworks,and electronic wrist watches and so on is expanding step by step. So everybody tries to utilize most working and proper innovation. For this reason, the blog gives an extensive variety of data about the up and coming dispatches, and their use, whether they will support up business sector or will slump and their utilization.


As this website takes care of providing more authentic material in its blogs for the viewers, it also cares about the formal issues likes jobs. Jobs are updated day by day about different disciplines. One can easily approach to his desired job.


Most of the people are fond of travelling and discovering new horizons. This blogging site guides its visitors about travelling and most recommended amusement points.

Users activity And Social Media Buttons

To provide users with their most wanted piece of writings, this blogging site keeps an eye over the users activity. For this analysis, the website gives the Like and remark options at the end of every blog, which helps its visitors to rate the online journal in the way they felt about it. It also allows them to share the blog they like with friends through social media share button.